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The Saints Community Project is so proud to be a part of the Brackley Elves initiative and supporting our community in a year when community means everything. 

Thank you everyone for all your support. Tomorrow we will be getting ready to distribute over 70 Christmas meals and party teas to those elderly residents in our town that will be spending Christmas Day on their own. 


Thank you !

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The biggest thank you ever to Waitrose Brackley who presented our Saints Community Project with a cheque for £333.  

We are so grateful for this funding and support.

This is a lovely contribution that goes towards our work to support the elderly and isolated in this town. 

Thank you !

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Supporting voluntary activity

Adopt  a Brackley Grandparent!

It is estimated that around 500,000 people aged 65 plus are faced with the prospect of spending Christmas alone this year in the UK. Christmas can be a particularly painful time of year for those that experience loneliness throughout the year. In 2020 in particular there is a real need to 'go the extra mile'.



The Saints Community Project  

It has been 3 long months since we have all seen each other , so we decided to make this little video to show we are all united.  

A huge heartfelt thank you goes to one of our young volunteers Lauren Britchfield for her beautiful singing, which she allowed us to use. Enjoy ......