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The Saints Community Project on Tour ...... 

After last weeks devastating fire in our clubhouse we were homeless and unfortunately our perishable stocks of refreshments, beverages, cakes and biscuits were all destroyed. 

This group is so important to so many that attend from our town. It brings people together to help prevent isolation and loneliness and for those that are vulnerable in our town.   This project is always open to everyone. 

For some it’s the only time they get a cooked meal and get to eat in company, for some it’s quite often during the winter months, the only time they get out of their house. Not to mention the social side of catching up with friends and to have a chat, as well as the comfort to family members they are out and socialising and creating memories and often having fun. 

A huge thank you to the Generous George - Chequered Flag Pub who blew us away with their generosity to our club and community today. 

They opened up their premises early and welcomed everyone with open arms, helped by our team of regular volunteers; Served gallons of tea, pots of coffee and a whole range of cakes and a selection of biscuits to over 80 attendees all for FREE.  

Then offered discounted lunches to all our members too. Wow ! 

Lead by their amazing Manager Emma your generosity rocked our world today and summed up what community means. Thank you  from the bottom of our hearts  

You opened your doors to allow our group to meet, we’re we were able to offer reassurance we are all okay and that we will continue and most of all all be together. 

The weeks of 3/7 and 10/7 we have rented Egerton hall for our project and will have a chat together to decide the permant way forward for our community project. 





As promised we are letting everyone know how things are proceeding following the last update yesterday. 

We have now had visits from the Insurance Loss Assessor, Forensic Scientist and Structural Engineer. It has been confirmed today that the clubhouse building will have to be demolished. This is very sad news as there are lots of good memories for the many volunteers who have put a lot of work into this building over the years and for those who have enjoyed parties and celebrations. 


Just to confirm our AGP and Classroom / changing room facility are now open again to all bookings and regular weekly meetings. This will all continue as normal. 

A further update will be given tomorrow evening for all clubhouse bookings, where we haven’t made contact. 


As promised we are letting everyone know how things are proceeding following the devastating fire early Thursday morning. Friday was the start of the rebuilding process.