At long last we can move forward and see the start of the shoots of recovery regarding the rebuild of our new clubhouse. 

We are pleased to announce that Planning Permission for our new clubhouse has been lodged with the South Northamptonshire Council of which you can see a copy on the website. This marks an important step towards establishing again a full clubhouse facility for our supporters and the wider community. 

On Tuesday 17 March we are holding an open day with full size drawings for all to see more easily and to ask questions regarding the building. This will commence at 10am and finish at 9pm. From 7pm onwards all of the Board will be there for questions and answers on how we see the way forward regarding the football side particularly how things will be affected, together with hoped for timescales. 

We are excited about the future prospects and we feel that we will have a facility that will cater for all events. We aim to become the Brackley Town Event Centre.   

The resilience shown by all sections of the club over recent months has been heartening. Without the support of the Stand Together Campaign this would not have been possible and there are more events in the coming months which are now being promoted on the website. We express our thanks to supporters and all the Community groups for their patience and understanding during this difficult time. Together we will take the club forward and we thank you for your continued support. 


So please come down, along with the general public and share our views and see what is on offer for everybody. 

Brackley Town Football Club 

See PDF of plans

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3