Saturday 11th Jan 2020  v  Football First Academy 

Challenging day from the start. 

Due to road works, and a bare 11.  

Still the lads are a plucky bunch and applied themselves as best as they could, despite this.  

The game was swinging with possession for the first 10 mins or so, waiting for 1 team to assert themselves. 

The home team took the lead in this.  

The goal changed the game.  Without having had any threatening moments in possession, Football First kept Coming at us. 

We ended up pressed back until half time, when we found ourselves 3-0. Down. 

By consensus, a few changes were made and a demand for more fight to win the ball back was established.

With a goal to try to win the half. 

There were noted improvements.  Firmer challenges were made. We became more structured in possession and Began mounting some attacks. 

But tiredness set in, and the more physically developed team, with more substitutes, were able to paly in the gaps we left , In our attempts to get forward

They scored 2 futher goals, but we gave a much beter account of ourselves in the 2nd half.  

We also had a little time with Ex Palace, Leicester and Portsmouth player and part -time Sky Sports pundit  Clinton Morrison, who was there with the U13s. 

He gave us a few words of encouragement before the game and some key notes on developing the work ethic in the game of football.