Saturday 28th November 2019

Nunnery Wood U15 vs Brackley Town U15 

The first half Brackley controlled the game with it looking as though it would be a comfortable 3 points to add to this season's total. Brackley's Mallory King and Sonny Reeves worked tirelessly in the wing back position to deliver some incredible balls into the box which failed at the last ball.  Nunnery wood had a few outbursts in the first half created by there very talented number 19 who certainly had our Harry Francis-Jones working between the sticks to save everything coming towards him. Half time see the score still at 0-0 with us having had at least 6 or 7 balls come off the woodwork or just off by inches.

The second half the play opened up more with our back three sweeping up the ball for us to attack again! This attack see Lance Ernesta feed Baylie-James Lyford who then drove into the box and being fouled, the nunnery keeper made an amazing save to once again deny Brackley a goal. The second half continued with Brackley making wave after wave of attack but still no goal, Nunnery broke the deadlock against the run of play 1-0 to the home side.  Brackley now urgent to pull the game back and get the well deserved win see Joe Donahue win the ball back on the right of the pitch, linking up to Baylie-James who then whipped the ball to Bradley Cheshire to tuck away, finally! 1-1. With 10 minutes remaining Matt Graham and Jake Maskell moved upfront to try and put the game to bed, with us all over Nunnery like a rash and chance after chance denied the game ended 1-1. 

Still undefeated Brackley took the point, disappointed that it wasn't 20 goals they scored.

Well done boys, next week stop panicking and remain calm on the ball for the finish and the goals will come!