Brackley Town v Banbury Puritans  Saturday 27th May

On a very windy day at Helmdon, the boys showed an aggression and energy that I think we could have all borrowed on the sidelines to warm up. 

As we are working on recovery runs we looked to press high today and whilst in the first half we didn’t get as many goals as we’d’ve liked, we tweaked things a bit at half time and got the goals our play deserved by holding the wide forwards wide and allowing more room for the midfielders to drive through the centre. Big mentions need to go to Neale and Main who did brilliantly at sweeping up the play and Roberts, Finch, and Dooley who kept the ball moving in the opposition half brilliantly. 


Can we win the ball 10 times in the final 1/3rd? Success (I lost count at 15)

  1. Can we press so high that GK (Neale) gets at least 5 interceptions? – Success (9)
  2. Can we achieve 20 successful delays as a team? No (7) – but I think we were so good at winning the ball and intercepting (70 interceptions in total!) we didn’t need to delay them 

What the stats say: 

Shergold ruled the passing (20 completed) and Main dominated in terms of interceptions (14) 

Final Score: 7-2 

Goals: Richardson (2), Shergold (2), Deeney, McDevitt, Dooley

Assists: Finch (2), Shergold, Richardson, Main, Dooley, McDevitt